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Internet Policy

The Chicopee Public Library provides public Internet access to all patrons as part of its mission to provide the community with equal opportunity to access information resources that will satisfy their personal, educational and professional needs. The information that is retrieved from the Internet cannot be verified or authenticated by the Chicopee Public Library and is to be evaluated by the user as to its currency, validity or appropriateness.

The Chicopee Public Library uses filtering software on its Internet computers. The filtering software being used is not a replacement for parental guidance. The Chicopee Public Library cannot insure the appropriateness of websites being accessed. It is a parent's responsibility to be aware of safety guidelines and to instruct their children accordingly.

Users should be aware that copyright protection is not only associated with print materials but also governs the use of audio, video, images and text on the Internet. Using library resources to copy and distribute copyright protected materials may be an infringement of copyright law. It is the intent of the Chicopee Public Library to adhere to the provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S. Code). For further information, please refer to a librarian or the U.S. Copyright Office at: http://www.copyright.gov/.

Guidelines for Usage

Patrons may reserve time on the Internet by signing in at an available computer with their own library card. Library cards are not transferable. The time allotment is restricted to one session per day. Reservations (when all computers are occupied), may be made through the library's PC reservation software. Please see a staff member for assistance.

Computer usage is limited to one individual at each computer workstation.

E-mail is allowed via free, web-based e-mail services. The library does not offer e-mail accounts to patrons. Sending e-mail from computer to computer within the building is not acceptable use and will result in termination of the session.

Files may be saved through e-mail accounts, disks, CDs or USB drives. Disks and CD-Rs are available at the circulation and reference desks for a charge of $1.00 each. Please be aware that downloaded files may contain viruses. The Chicopee Public Library is not responsible for any damage incurred to a patron's disk, home computer, or for any loss of data, and advises patrons to have virus-checking software on their home computers.

Printing is available at the Main Library and Fairview Branch at a cost of 10 cents per page for black & white and 50 cents per page for color.

Failure to follow these guidelines, and to comply with the rules of conduct, may result in termination of the session, or loss of computer privileges, depending on the nature and the repetitiveness of the offense.

Rules of Conduct

Access to the computer's hard drive or the Library's network is strictly prohibited.
Do not attempt to circumvent the Library's reservation or security software.
Do not vandalize computing equipment.
Do not eat or drink at computer workstations.
Do not use computer resources to harass other individuals.
Please refrain from disruptive behavior. The Library reserves the right to maintain an atmosphere conducive to all patrons.
Comply with Copyright Laws and licensing restrictions. For further information, please refer to a librarian or the U.S. Copyright Office at: http://www.copyright.gov/.
Abide by all applicable federal and state laws.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees, October 16, 2006

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