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Patron Behavior Policy

To better serve all library patrons, the Library Board of Trustees has established certain standards of acceptable behavior to maintain an atmosphere which promotes the use and enjoyment of the resources and services of the library and which protects the safety of the general public, the library staff, and the equipment and materials of the library. Any activity which interferes with the rights of other patrons to use the library, which could result in physical, emotional, or mental injury to oneself or others, or could result in damage to the facilities, equipment or materials is considered disruptive and unacceptable.

The library reserves the right to require anyone who violates these rules of conduct, as outlined in the Patron Behavior policy, to leave the premises for the remainder of the day or evening.

Depending upon the severity or frequency of the violation, Library privileges may be suspended for a specified period of time, and may include Notice of Trespass from Library properties (See “Suspension of Library Services” for guidelines). Unlawful activities will be reported to the police and when appropriate, violators will be subject to arrest. 

1.The following activities are not allowed in the library:

  • Public consumption of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco or illegal drugs and will be reported to the police.
  • Creating a disturbance by making noise, using profanity, talking loudly, or engaging in other disruptive conduct. (MGL, Ch. 272, Sec. 41)
  • Interfering with another person's right to use the library or with the Library Staff's performance of their duties.
  • Threatening behavior, including but not limited to, violence, threats of violence, and possession of weapons.
  • Bringing animals into the library except those needed to assist a disabled person.  Service animals must be leashed and under physical control of the handler at all times.
  • Eating, and/or drinking, except in designated areas.
  • Receiving or placing cell phone calls or projecting sound with audio equipment.
  • Misusing the restrooms (i.e. using them as a laundry or washing facility).
  • Soliciting or canvassing of any kind.
  • Entering areas posted "Staff Only" without permission.
  • Running in the building or climbing on furnishings.
  • Sleeping in a manner that is disturbing to others.

2. The following activities are not allowed while using the Library’s computer and internet resources:

  • Accessing the computer’s hard drive or the Library’s network.
  • Circumventing the Library’s reservation or security software.
  • Vandalizing computing equipment.
  • Harassing other individuals while using computer resources.
  • Activities that violate state or federal law.
  • Violation of Copyright laws and licensing restrictions. For further information, please ask a librarian or access the U.S. Copyright Office at: http://www.copyright.gov/.

3. Those who damage or deface library materials or property may be prosecuted (MGL, Ch. 266, Sec. 100). Parents can be liable for damage done by a child under 18 (MGL Ch. 231, Sec. 85G).

4. Theft of library materials, use of false identification to obtain a library card, or use of another person's library card without his/her permission are against state law and may be prosecuted (MGL, Ch. 266, Sec. 99A).

5. Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior and supervision of their young children age 10 and under while using the Library. 

6. Parents/guardians will receive written notice of “Suspension of Library Service,” if their unattended child (up to age 18), has violated the Patron Behavior policy and has been suspended for more than one day from the use of the Library.

7. The use of skateboards, roller blades, scooters, bicycles or any other similar device on Library property which includes but is not limited to sidewalks and parking lots, or within the Library building is prohibited. Such devices must be carried, or in the case of a bicycle, walked beside, while on the property. Bicycles should be locked using available racks, and are not allowed in the building. Persons found in violation shall be notified that their actions are prohibited and may be asked to leave library property.

8. Shirts and shoes are required for program attendance and within the Library building.

Disruptive behavior is not necessarily limited to the above activities.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees, March 3, 2003, Amended by the Board of Library Trustees, April 10, 2017

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