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Suspension of Library Services

The Suspension of Library Services policy defines guidelines for suspension of more than one day, which may be implemented, as needed, for violations of the Library Patron behavior policy.    

  1. Implementation of suspension will be determined by the Library Director or his/her representative in his/her absence.

  2. Consideration for suspension will occur if an informal approach by library staff to deter the behavior is unsuccessful.  Generally, patrons will be given two warnings before being asked to leave the property for the remainder of the day.

  3. To initiate the suspension, the Library Director will prepare and send a letter to the patron in violation of the policy, or to the parent/guardian of the patron, if under the age of 18.  The letter will provide the specific terms of the suspension.  The length of the suspension will be determined on a case by case basis of 14 days, 30 days or 90 days.

    The letter of suspension for a child up to age 18, may allow for the parent or guardian to accompany, and supervise the child while using the Library during the suspension period.

  4. A copy of the letter will be forwarded to the law department, and police department or school department (as needed).  A copy will also be distributed to library supervisory staff for overseeing compliance.

  5. Suspensions during the period specified will apply to all Library facilities and Library property.

  6. Any violations of suspension may result in extension of the length of time, request for immediate departure, or contact with the Chicopee police department for issue of Notice of Trespass to the offender.

  7. Requests for appeal must be submitted in writing and received one week prior to a scheduled Board of Trustees meeting.  In any such appeal, the Board of Trustees will review the circumstances and, in its discretion, will either affirm or modify the suspension.  The decision of the Board of Trustees will be final.

Mailing address:
President, Board of Trustees
449 Front Street
Chicopee, MA 01013


Approved by the Board of Library Trustees April 10, 2017

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